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Explore Reachly's Latest Updates: Redefining Email Remarketing Innovation. Discover our groundbreaking roadmap, unveiling cutting-edge features and industry-shifting advancements. From custom software solutions to unprecedented client control, we're reshaping the market's landscape.
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MVP Release

Our Journey Begins: Initial Launch and MVP Milestone

As we embark on this exciting journey, our focus turns to the Initial Launch and MVP milestone. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of our quest to redefine the landscape of email marketing. With our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we're laying the foundation for a powerful platform that empowers businesses to achieve unprecedented success through email marketing. Join us as we set sail towards a future filled with innovation, growth, and limitless possibilities.

SwiftCanvas sees the light of day

Introducing SwiftCanvas, Reachly's custom email builder, launching alongside our Initial Launch and MVP milestone. Seamlessly craft captivating campaigns with ease, eliminating coding complexities and maximizing your marketing strategy from day one.
Post Release - Immediate Project

Branded Templates

The Entire focus of Reachly has always been to see e-mails for your company through your companies eyes. No more looking at hair saloon templates or sending out embarrassing half completed emails by mistake. After we launch our MVP our first project is to get default templates in place that will automatically populate with your brand, your brand standards and be ready to send in a matter of moments. This is a feature we had hoped to have for the MVP Launch but is easily navigated around in the short term by simply cloning a previous or draft e-mail. 
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Mobile Viewport Support

Elevating Your Experience: Mobile Viewport Support for Campaign Editor

With the introduction of mobile viewport support for our campaign editor, were putting the power of email marketing directly into your hands, anytime, anywhere. Now, you can effortlessly create and manage campaigns on the go, ensuring your message reaches your audience with precision and efficiency. Experience the freedom of mobile editing and elevate your email marketing game to new heights.
Product Accomodation

Expanding Possibilities: Accommodating Additional Product Types

We want to increase your versatility and adaptability in your email marketing strategy. Our latest milestone involves accommodating additional product types, including chain-products and composite items, among others. By expanding our capabilities, we empower you to effortlessly showcase a wider range of products to your audience. Stay anead of the curve with keachly as we continue to evolve to meet your diverse needs.
Waitlist Function

Enhancing Accessibility: Introducing the Waitlist Function for Out-of-Stock Items

At our core, we’re committed to empowering your email marketing experience. Introducing the waitlist function for out-of-stock items signifies our dedication to ensuring your campaigns are always optimized. Now, effortlessly manage customer demand by allowing subscribers to join waitlists for coveted products. Seamlessly integrate this feature into your strategy and stay ahead of the curve with Reachly.
Dark Mode E-Mails

Optimizing Visibility with the Introduction of Dark Mode Emails

To enhance the email marketing experience we will introduce dark mode emails marks our commitment to optimization of visibility and accessibility for your campaigns. Now, your emails will seamlessly adapt to users' preferences, ensuring maximum readability and engagement across all devices. Illuminating your brand's message in every inbox.
Intigration Setup Improvement

Simplify Integration: Autogenerate Woo API Keys with Application Authentication

Steamline your integration process with seamless functionality. We will develop a system that allows for the automatic generation of WooCommerce API keys using the application authentication endpoint. With this feature, setting up the plugin becomes as simple as downloading and logging in, saving you valuable time and effort. Experience effortless integration and unlock the full potential of your email marketing endeavors.
Brand Setup User Expierence

Enhance Brand Consistency: Autogenerate Brand Colors from Site Screenshots

To ensure your brand’s identity shines through in every email. Our innovative feature will allow for the seamless autogeneration of brand colors from site screenshots. By leveraging presets you’ve created prior to sending your first email, Reachly will streamline the process, aligning colors and text with your brand effortlessly. Take the guesswork out of customization and elevate your brand consistency.

Pricing For Everyone

Tired of paying to have someone store a list you don’t use for most (or all) of the year? We got you, we are launching with flexible pricing that works for everyone.
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